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MIMIR Final 2024

The final of the annual MIMIR (individual) competition took place on presentation night - you can watch the action below:

Liverpool MIMIR Heats 2024

The heats of the Liverpool Mimir, the Individual competition, took place on Wednesday 21 Feb at Aigburth Peoples Hall.  13 players took part and the full results can be seen here.  Rob Cruise (Bookworms), Mark Kerr (C), Chris Quinn (Cricketers) and Brian Thompson (Aigburth People) will contest the Final at the Presentation Night in June.  These four plus Angela Doyle (Bishop Eton), Rod Moore (Kluggers) and Graham Barker (Cricketers) qualify for the MQL Heats next month.

MQL Buzzer Tournament 2024

Liverpool entered two teams in this annual MQL tournament.  The A team of Angela Doyle, Chris Quinn, Morgan Bush, James MacGregor and Nathan Pace, qualified for the Cup competition and finished tenth on the day.  The B team of Gill Willett, Joan Peacock, John Coventry and Rob Cruise qualified for the Bowl.

Some team photos from the 2024 buzzer tournament have been placed in the gallery on the MQL website at Gallery - Merseyside Quiz Leagues

Just click on the Buzzers 2024 folder to browse through them.

The final is now available to watch.  Misfits took on Yorkshire at the end of a fine day's quizzing.

LQL Mimir Final 2023


Presentation Night 2023

The annual Liverpool Quiz League Presentation Night was held at APH on Monday 5th June.  The Pairs competition and the MIMIR finals were held during the evening with Brian Thompson and Frank McHugh becoming Pairs champions and Mark Kerr becoming the 2023 MIMIR champion.

St Francis of Asissi
St Francis of Asissi - Div 2 Runners-up
CTK Wanderers
CTK Wanderers - Div 2 Champions


Kluggers - Div 1 Runners-up

Cricketers - Div 1 Champions
CTK Wanderers
CTK Wanderers - Handicap League Winners
Exiles - Feeney Cup Runners-up
Cricketers - Feeny Cup Winners
Pairs Winners
Pairs Winners - Frank McHugh & Brian Thompson
MIMIR Finalists
MIMIR Finalists - Rod Moore, Angela Doyle, Mark Kerr, Brian Thompson
LQL Council
Liverpool Quiz League Council - France Mason, Brian Thompson), Keith Clare, Paul Davitt, Angela Doyle, James MacGregor, Danny Grimes

OQL IndividualChampionships

Online Quiz League are running their inaugural individual championships on Saturday 25th March.  Around 300 players have already signed up to play at venues up and down the country.  The day involves a written individual quiz featuring 200 questions across a whole manner of subjects and then two fun team quizzes in the afternoon.

This is looking like being the biggest event of its kind ever in the UK and one of the venues is the Cross Keys, a pub in Liverpool city centre.  There are currently around 15 spaces left available there and it would be great to see those spaces filled with MQL players.

For more details and to register please go to  https://quizcentral.net/qc/Individual_Championships

Wirral Pairs Competition

The Wirral Pairs Competition will take place this year at Oxton Conservative Club on Sunday 25th September 2022 at 8pm. Our friends from the Liverpool Quiz League are welcome to join us.

The evening will also involve a meeting of the Wirral Quiz League and the League presentations.

Presentation Night - 2019/20 and 2021/22

Trophies were awarded for both the 2019/20 and 2021/22 season at Presentation night on Monday 20th June.  Chairman Danny Grimes thanked everyone for attending and hoped that next season would see a return to normality with all competitions being held face to face if at all possible.  The pictures below show the teams who received trophies for the various competitions.

Tramway - Division 2 2019
Tramway - Div 2 Winners 2019/20
Kluggers - Div 1 Runners-up 2019
Kluggers - Div 1 Runners-up 2019/20
Cricketers Div 1 Winners 2019
Cricketers  Div 1 Winners 2019/20
Tramway - Handicap Winners 2019
Tramway Handicap Winners 2019/20
JC and the Jets - Div 3 Runners up 2022
JC and the Jets - Division 3 Runners-up 2021/22
St Francis of Assissi - Division3 Winners 2021/22
St Francis of Assisi - Div 3 Winners 2021/22
Monstrous Regiment Div 2 Runners-up 2021/22
Monstrous Regiment - Div 2 Runners-up 2021/22
Groindhogs - Div 2 Winners 2021/22
Groundhogs - Division 2 Champions 2021/22
Kluggers - Div 1 Runners-up 2021/22
Kluggers - Div 1 Runners-up 2021/22
Cricketers - Div 1 Champions 2021/22 St Francis - Riley Cup Finalists 2021/22
St Francis - Riley Cup Finalists 2021/22
Monstrous Regiment - Riley Cup Winners 2021/22
Monstrous Regiment - Riley Cup Winners 2021/22


LQL Mimir Final 2020

James MacGregor (Palmy Army) beat a strong field of Rob Cruise (Bookworms), Mark Kerr (Cricketers) and Frank McHugh (Tramway) to become the 2022 Liverpool Quiz League MIMIR champion, his first time of winning the trophy.  He can be seen here receiving the Arthur Evans Shield from Danny Grimes, Liverpool Quiz League chairman.  You can also watch the match below.

MIMIR Champion 2022 - James MacGregor

Brain of Britain Final 2018

Brian Thompson of Aigburth People, and Jack Bennett, formerly of Rainhill Victoria took part in this year's Brain of Britain final alongside Clive Dunning and Mark Eves.

You can listen to the match by clicking on the image below:



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