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Want to know what's involved before joining a team or creating your own team?  Hopefully the information below will give you some idea.

What Do We Need?

You need a team of four players, preferably with a good range of general knowledge, but as you will quickly find out this is not essential. For home games you will also have to supply a Question Master. In general, things work out best if you have a pool of at least 6 people to pick from.

You will also need a venue. This can be almost any establishment but it MUST be licenced as having a social drink is an important part of the Liverpool Quiz League although we do allow none drinkers to take part. Your venue will also have to have a nice quiet corner to play in - a separate room is best but not essential.

It is also customary for the home teams to provide some light refreshments, usually sandwiches, and for each home team member to buy their opposite number a drink.

What Does It Cost?

The league fees at this moment are £35 pounds per season, but this may be waived for your first season.  These fees are used for question distribution, handbook production and other general league expenses.  The other part of the annual subscription to the League consists of the submission of a set of questions, but this too is waived in your first season.


Liverpool QL is part of the Merseyside Quiz League.  The questions that we play in Liverpool will have been set by players in the other MQL areas. Part of the annual subscription to the League consists of the submission of a set of questions that will in turn be used in the other Areas of MQL.  Currently question sets are sent by post to a designated person or venue for each team.  These are sealed and opened only in the presence of both captains just before the match begins.

How Does It Work?

The games are played with two teams of four with each member in turn being asked his or her individual question. You will then have 10 seconds in which to answer your question. 

iI you get the question right you will score two points.  If you get it wrong it will be passed to your other team members for 1 point.  If they can't answer correctly,  it passes to the opposition to attempt for 1 point. If you do not know the answer to your question, or have not answered within the 10 seconds your captain can nominate some other person in the team to answer that question, but only for 1 point.

It is all fairly easy and you will pick it up quickly when you start playing.

What Are The Standards?

The standards of teams and individual players vary widely but in general are quite high.  There are currently three divisions,  so every team can find the right level for themselves.

Have a look at the sets of past questions on here.  Levels vary from set to set,  but they will give you an idea of what is expected.

What Next?

Try the past quizzes, then, if you are still interested,  have a look at the team directory and find a team near you. If you look at the fixture list you can find out when they are next playing at homeand go along to see what it is all about.

If you are still interested,  contact us via the e-mail link and we'll arrange a friendly match for you - either at your venue or one of the local teams.

Can I join a team?

Yes - most teams welcome new players, so either get in touch via email at admin@quizliverpool.org.uk, by using the contact us page or contacting a team directly using the details on the directory

You can also go along on any match night and introduce yourself. Games start at around 9pm and last 30-45 minutes but teams play friendly matches after the main quiz, so introduce yourself and have a go.