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Year Winners
2019 Steve Hall (Groundhogs) and Chris Quinn (Victorian Cricketers)
2018 Jim Toal (The Old Bangers) and Mark Kerr (Rainhill Victoria)
2017 Jim Eccleson (Oxton Cons) & Chris Quinn (Rainhil Vics)
2016 Dave Wright (Triangle) & Rod Moore (Kluggers)
2015 Peter Dixon (Earles) & Mark Kerr (Rainhill Vics)
2014 Chris Quinn (Rainhill Vics) & John Watson (Bishop Eton)
2013 Frank McHugh (Tramway) & Graham Barker (Rainhill Vics)
2012 Robert Zatz (Kluggers) & Mark Kerr (Rainhill Vics)
2011 Dennis Lee & Martin Pampel (Unattached)
2010 Frank McHugh (Tramway) & Chris Quinn (Rainhill Vics)
2009 Mark Kerr (Rainhill Victoria) and Rod Moore (Kluggers)
2008 Sam Roberts (Unattached) & Brian Thompson (St Charles)