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Sad News - Judy Bidston

We have been informed by her son Derek that Judy Bidston died recently in the Royal Liverpool Hospital after a long illness.

Many of you will have known her as a long standing member of The Residents quiz team.

We will post details of funeral arrangements as and when we receive them.

Riley Cup 2024

Round Two Results Round Three Draw
Game Home Team hcap score   score hcap Away Team
Second Round           Date 22 April 2024
16 Bishop Eton 7 61 v 40 6 Soapsuds
17 Judges 11 P v P 3 Kluggers
18 Aigburth Cricket Club 22 55 v 57 12 Exiles
19 The Old Bangers 12 61 v 43 8 Aigburth Swans
20 Aigburth People 10 52 v 47 4 Oxton Conservatives
21 Wallaseyans 14 49 v 55 15 Monstrous Regiment
22 Bookworms 11 58 v 54 7 Palmy Army
23 Tramway 16 62 v 50 18 Wandering Star

Match 17 will be played on 29th April 2024

Game Home Team hcap score   score hcap Away Team
Quarter finals           Date 13 May 2024
24 The Old Bangers 12   v   16 Tramway
25 Bishop Eton 7   v   15 Monstrous Regiment
26 Aigburth People 10   v   11 Bookworms
27 Exiles 12   v   0 Winner of game 17

Riley Cup 2024

Competition Details

Ted Riley Quiz Cup Competition 2024

Thirty-one teams will be competing for The Ted Riley Quiz Cup this year.  Clicking on a team's name below will take you to the relevant page on the Wirral or Liverpool website, with contact details and location. 

All correspondence will be by email.

The full draw is available at the competition page - click on the trophy ->

Competing Teams with Handicap

Clicking on the team name will take you to their page, sowing contact and location details.

  Team Handicap
1 The Cricketers 0
2 Kluggers 3
3 Oxton Conservatives 4
4 Soapsuds 6
5 Bishop Eton 7
6 Palmy Army 7
7 Aigburth Swans 8
8 Plasterers Arms 9
9 Aadvarks 11
10 Aigburth People 10
11 Exiles 12
12 Bookworms 11
13 Judges 11
14 St Francis of Assisi 11
15 The Old Bangers 12
16 Taxes 15
17 Tramway 16
18 Nelson's 5th Column 14
19 Wallaseyans 14
20 CTK Wanderers 15
21 Monstrous Regiment 15
22 CTK Cavaliers 17
23 Duncan's Doughnuts 17
24 St Patrick's 17
25 JC and the Jets 18
26 Wandering Star 18
27 Leyfield Crown 19
28 Aigburth Cricket Club 22
29 McKies Magpies 22
30 Standard Bearers 26
31 Lever Club 27

Electronic Questions Distribution

Twenty of the thirty-one teams have agreed to this method of questions distribution.

When they are at home they will receive the questions by email and the away team will be sent the second part of the password by email, please ensure that you take it to the game.

The remaining teams will be sent the questions by post.


Match Times

All games in round one, round two and quarter finals will start at 8.30pm.

Semi-finals and Final. The draw will take place at 7.50pm so that we can get a prompt 8pm start.

Scoring and timing

We will adopt the following rule for scoring and timing;

Each individual player shall be allowed to attempt to answer their own question for two points.

If they answer incorrectly, it can be attempted for one point by another member of their own team.

If this attempt is wrong, it then passes over to the opposition for one point.

Timing; 10 seconds for your own question, 5 seconds for the other team members to answer and five seconds for the opposition to answer.


The winning team should send the results to me by WhatsApp or email, immediately after the game, so that I have them by 10pm on the night of the game.  Each round's results ill be emailed to each team every week and posted on www.quizliverpool.org.uk and www.wirralql.org.uk


Team captains should advise me on the Monday night, then confer on the Tuesday and advise me by 8pm of the result of their consultation, by phone or email. If the team captains fail to agree; Paul Davitt, Jim Eccleson, Keith Clare and Angela Doyle will adjudicate by noon on the Wednesday.

Spare Questions

if electronic distribution is adopted this will not be necessary.

If a Question Set fails to arrive, you may obtain a spare set from me, or one of the following;

Angela Doyle 0151 722 1054 Jim Eccleson 0151 653 8649 Paul Davitt 0151 427 7617


Should you have any queries or questions regarding the competition please do not hesitate to contact me.

Paul Davitt

General Secretary Liverpool Quiz League


Email pauldavitt@virginmedia.com


Liverpool MIMIR Heats 2024

The heats of the Liverpool Mimir, the Individual competition, took place on Wednesday 21 Feb at Aigburth Peoples Hall.  13 players took part and the full results can be seen here.  Rob Cruise (Bookworms), Mark Kerr (C), Chris Quinn (Cricketers) and Brian Thompson (Aigburth People) will contest the Final at the Presentation Night in June.  These four plus Angela Doyle (Bishop Eton), Rod Moore (Kluggers) and Graham Barker (Cricketers) qualify for the MQL Heats next month.

MQL Buzzer Tournament 2024

Liverpool entered two teams in this annual MQL tournament.  The A team of Angela Doyle, Chris Quinn, Morgan Bush, James MacGregor and Nathan Pace, qualified for the Cup competition and finished tenth on the day.  The B team of Gill Willett, Joan Peacock, John Coventry and Rob Cruise qualified for the Bowl.

Some team photos from the 2024 buzzer tournament have been placed in the gallery on the MQL website at Gallery - Merseyside Quiz Leagues

Just click on the Buzzers 2024 folder to browse through them.

The final is now available to watch.  Misfits took on Yorkshire at the end of a fine day's quizzing.

Sad News - Keith Spencer

It is with great sadness that we have to inform everyone of the sudden death Keith Spencer of Standard Bearers quiz team. Keith played the game on Monday and was alright on Tuesday, but went to bed on Wednesday night and died in his sleep.

We will post funeral arrangements when they are available.

MQL Pairs Competition 2023

The 2023 Pairs Competition was Held at Prescot Cables FC on Wednesday 13th September 2023.

The three pairs in the final were Jim Eccleson (Wi) & Jack Gardner (S&F), Neil Wright (Wi) and Ben Vincent (Wa) and Sam Roberts (Wi) & Danny Grimes (LI)

The winners were Neil and Ben - Neil retaining the title, having won last year as well.

Pairs Winners 2023

The Plate final was contested by Cliff Houghton (Wa) & David Hodgson(Or), Sue Perks (Or) & Chris Quinn (Li) and Mark Kerr (Li) and Bill Gerard (Or), with Mark and Bill winning the contest.

Pairs Plate 2023


You can watch the final below:

Season 2023/24 Fixtures Posted

The fixtures for the upcoming season have been posted on the Fixtures page:

Matches begin on 4th September and continue until 18th March 2024. With 26 teams we have formed the league into two divisions.

Please note the change of venues for Kluggers and JC and the Jets.  Details are in the handbook and on the team pages.

LQL Mimir Final 2023


Presentation Night 2023

The annual Liverpool Quiz League Presentation Night was held at APH on Monday 5th June.  The Pairs competition and the MIMIR finals were held during the evening with Brian Thompson and Frank McHugh becoming Pairs champions and Mark Kerr becoming the 2023 MIMIR champion.

St Francis of Asissi
St Francis of Asissi - Div 2 Runners-up
CTK Wanderers
CTK Wanderers - Div 2 Champions


Kluggers - Div 1 Runners-up

Cricketers - Div 1 Champions
CTK Wanderers
CTK Wanderers - Handicap League Winners
Exiles - Feeney Cup Runners-up
Cricketers - Feeny Cup Winners
Pairs Winners
Pairs Winners - Frank McHugh & Brian Thompson
MIMIR Finalists
MIMIR Finalists - Rod Moore, Angela Doyle, Mark Kerr, Brian Thompson
LQL Council
Liverpool Quiz League Council - France Mason, Brian Thompson), Keith Clare, Paul Davitt, Angela Doyle, James MacGregor, Danny Grimes
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