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For information about any news regarding the MQL and the new season, see the MQL homepage and the minutes of meetings that have been held recently.

End of Season Results

In the light of the disappointing end to the season, the results for the last two games have been completed thus: 

On Monday March 16th two fixtures were played in Division 1 and are awarded their true results.  All other games in Div 1 are awarded a draw, using those two fixtures to establish the average score, ie 40.  Division 2 fixtures are all awarded a draw using the season's difference between the Div 1 & Div 2 averages to establish the score, ie -7, giving each team 33.

No games are to take place on March 23rd, so every fixture has been declared a draw, using each division's season average to fix the scores, ie Div 1: 41; Div 2: 35.

The outstanding game from December 9th between Earles and Bookworms has been declared a draw based on the average Div 1 score for that week, ie 44.

Handicaps have been added to all results decided as above to complete the season Handicap League.

I will spend some time over the coming isolation compiling the team and individual statistics for the season.  Once I have done this, I will post that they're ready, and if you're interested in how your team and/or players have performed this season, get in touch with me for further information.

Stay safe and well.

Angela Doyle (LQL Results Secretary)




In response to the increasing effects of the Coronavirus outbreak the MQL make the following statement;

From 16 March 2020

1. Any remaining individual matches in the Leagues may be completed by the mutual agreement of the teams involved taking into consideration the teams, the venue, the proximity of seating, etc.

2. No team is under any obligation to play a match. Should a team wish to withdraw they may do so without reproach. They should inform their League Secretary, their opposition and if necessary, their venue. If a trophy, title, promotion or relegation depends upon the outcome of the match then it may be postponed until after the current situation is resolved, otherwise the match may be declared a draw. Teams will all be asked to keep the question sets secure.

3. Feeny / Rendon Cups to be postponed.

4. A decision about the Liverpool/Wirral Riley Cup (due to start on Monday 30 March) to be made by Sunday 22 March (Advisory).

5. The Merseyside Mimir heats (Wednesday 18 March) to be postponed.

6. The MQL Finals and Presentation Evening (Wednesday 13 May) to be postponed as should any League Presentations and end of season events.

7. The holding of the MQL AGM (Sunday 5 April) to be suspended until a time when a conventional face to face meeting may be held. In the meantime the President, Chairman, General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary and Treasurer will consult in order to make such plans that are necessary for setting up the 2020-21 Season.

These decisions have been made bearing in mind that at all times the health of players (and their families) is paramount.



Another season of League representative competition is over and Liverpool have taken part in both the President's Trophy and the President's Shield competitions.

In the President's Trophy we were represented by Angela Doyle (Bishop Eton), Peter Harris (Aigburth Swans), Marl Kerr (The Cricketers), Rod Moore (Kluggers), Chris Quinn (The Cricketers) and Brian Thompson (Aigburth People) and finished in fourth place behind the winners Ormskirk.

In the President's Shield, Liverpool 2A were represented by John Coventry (Bookworms), Karen McDonald (Leyfield Crown), Frank McHugh (Tramway) and Paul Savage (CTK Cavaliers) while Liverpool 2B were represented by Keith Clare (Aigburth People), Janet Foreshaw (Monstrous Regiment), Clive Leech (Exiles), Frances Mason (Aigburth People), Catherine Rouse (Duncan's Doughnuts) and Dave Wright (Outside Edge).  2B finished third and 2A fifth.  Both the President's Shield and the Presidential Challenge KO tournament were won by Ormskirk.

Many thanks and well done to all who took part.

Details can be seen by clicking here.

Mimir Competition

On Wed 5 February at Aigburth People’s Hall we held the Liverpool Mimir competition.  This decides the Liverpool Individual Champion for 2020 and also the seven players who will progress to the Merseyside Mimir heats. This year, we were delighted to see a record number of participants taking part, including a number of new competitors.
As ever, the evening's quizzing was played in the true spirit of the Quiz League, in a competitive but friendly manner. 
Many thanks to everyone who participated in the event, whether playing, writing questions, officiating, catering or organising in any way. Special thanks must go to Paul Davitt and his team for running such a successful and enjoyable evening, and congratulations to Mark Kerr, who took the Arthur Evans trophy after a well contested final.

Danny Grimes, Chairman

The results of 2020 Liverpool Mimir can be downloaded here.

Venue looking For a Team

The landlord of the Cross Keys pub in central Liverpool (Earle Street, just off Old Hall Street) has said that he would love to host a quiz team in his establishment, so if your venue is causing you problems, why not give them a call?  Details can be found at https://www.crosskeysliverpool.co.uk/index

Questions Sets for Season 2020 2021

Diary Reminder

As noted in our Handbook

Questions Sets for Season 2020 2021 must be submitted by the 31st January 2020

An email has been sent this evening to all teams from whom I have not yet received a set of questions.

Will each Team Secretary please ensure that they send me their set by tomorrow. (in Excel or Word format)

Many thanks

Paul Davitt

Liverpool Mimir Heats

5th February 2020

A reminder of a date in the Diary of Liverpool Quiz League Handbook.

The Liverpool Quiz League Mimir heats will take place on Wednesday 5th February 2020.

This is a competition open to all members of the Liverpool Quiz League, the Winner will receive the Arthur Evans Trophy and will hold the title for a year. The winner of the Arthur Evans Trophy last year was Mark Kerr of The Cricketers.

The Competition and what happens;

Four players play in each heat. Each heat consists of five rounds of three questions to each player. Usually the winning two go on the next round, ending in a final of four players. The precise make-up of the heats all depends on how many players take part.

The top players are invited to go forward to Merseyside heats on 18th March 2020 at a Wirral venue.

Please tell all of your team members about of this competition. This notice will also be posted on Quiz Liverpool Website.


Registration is not essential, however, if you can give us some indication of names / numbers of contestants or helpers, from your team by email phone or text by 8pm on Sunday 2nd February 2020, it will be a great help planning the catering and organising the heats and set up at the venue.

Asking questions, Scoring and Timekeeping

Help with questions, scoring and bonus recording is always needed. If you don’t want to take part in the competition, but are willing to help, please come along and support the event. Please email or ring me or send a text and let me know if you are willing to help.

Liverpool Mimir Heats Venue: Aigburth People's Hall, Aigburth Vale, Liverpool, L17 0DG.

Registration will take place at 8pm, followed by the draw

Timing for the evening is as follows (all approximate)

Preliminary Rounds 8.15

Refreshments 9.30

Final 10.00

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 5th February.

LQL Charity Quiz February 7th

The annual charity quiz takes place on Friday, 7th February at 7.30pm.  Tickets are £7.50 per head, which includes a supper of scouse (sandwiches are available as an alternative).  Teams of four.  This is always a very enjoyable evening, with an excellent quiz.  Please let Dave Cotson know numbers, and if you'd prefer sandwiches to scouse: davecotson@hotmail.com
We look forward to seeing you there.

Matches on Mon 6 January

Unfortunately there was an error in the distribution of sets for the matches on 6th January.  A new set will be delivered, hopefully over the weekend, in time for the match on Monday evening.

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