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Riley Cup 2023

Results after Round Two
Game Home Team hcap score   score hcap Away Team
Second Round           Date 17 April 2023
16 Duncan's Doughnuts 19 44 v 55 10 Judges
17 Plasterers 13 55 v 47 9 Bishop Eton
18 The Cricketers 0 57 v 46 8 Soapsuds
19 Kluggers 5 56 v 52 19 Leyfield Crown
20 Aigburth People 13 56 v 52 20 JC and the Jets
21 Aigburth Swans 10 62 v 52 14 Wallaseyans
22 Oxton Cons 8 53 v 46 13 Bookworms
23 The Castellans 25 54 v 64 18 Exiles

Congratulations to Mark Kerr of the Cricketers for scoring a full house.

Draw for the quarter finals, games to be played on 24th April 2023, at the venues listed below.

Quarter finals







24 April 2023








Oxton Cons










Aigburth People






The Cricketers


Aigburth Swans










Riley Cup 2023

Results of Round One and Draw for Round Two


May I thank you all for getting the results to quickly to me last night, unfortunately one team had technical difficulties and could not get the information to me until today, but I could not update the draw until I came home late this evening.

Round Two games will be played on Monday 17th April 2023. Questions will be sent by post as some of the home teams opted for paper questions and I do not want to mix paper and electronic distribution.

Quarter finals will be played on 24th April 2023, so I would appreciate it if you would send the results in with the same speed as last night.

Game Home Team hcap score   score hcap Away Team
1st Round           Date 27 March 2023
1 The Old Bangers 12 48 v 54 18 Exiles
2 JC and the Jets 20 54 v 47 16 Aardvarks
3 Kluggers 5 51 v 45 20 Tramway
4 Monstrous Regiment 13 43 v 56 13 Plasterers
5 Nelson's 5th Column 16 46 v 56 10 Aigburth Swans
6 Bookworms 13 45 v 44 17 St Patricks
7 Lever Club 30 57 v 58 13 Aigburth People
8 Soapsuds 8 51 v 46 20 CTK Cavaliers
9 St Francis of Assisi 15 52 v 53 14 Wallaseyans
10 Judges 10 59 v 35 26 Standard Bearers
11 Bishop Eton 9 54 v 42 12 Palmy Army
12 Wandering Star 19 45 v 61 0 The Cricketers
13 Joey's Nomads 11 47 v 55 8 Oxton Cons
14 CTK Wanderers 15 43 v 53 19 Duncan's Doughnuts
15 Aigburth Cricket Club 23 47 v 49 19 Leyfield Crown
Game Home Team hcap score   score hcap Away Team
Second Round           Date 17 April 2023
16 Duncan's Doughnuts 19   v   10 Judges
17 Plasterers 13   v   9 Bishop Eton
18 The Cricketers 0   v   8 Soapsuds
19 Kluggers 5   v   19 Leyfield Crown
20 Aigburth People 13   v   20 JC and the Jets
21 Aigburth Swans 10   v   14 Wallaseyans
22 Oxton Cons 8   v   13 Bookworms
23 The Castellans 25   v   18 Exiles

OQL IndividualChampionships

Online Quiz League are running their inaugural individual championships on Saturday 25th March.  Around 300 players have already signed up to play at venues up and down the country.  The day involves a written individual quiz featuring 200 questions across a whole manner of subjects and then two fun team quizzes in the afternoon.

This is looking like being the biggest event of its kind ever in the UK and one of the venues is the Cross Keys, a pub in Liverpool city centre.  There are currently around 15 spaces left available there and it would be great to see those spaces filled with MQL players.

For more details and to register please go to  https://quizcentral.net/qc/Individual_Championships

Mimir Area Heats

Just a reminder of our Mimir heats this coming Wednesday, below is my original email of 24th January 2023. If you’ve emailed me to say you can help or are taking part, you’re already on the list. If you haven’t yet replied please let me know as soon as possible, it assists with the organisation.

We look forward to seeing as many members as possible.

The Liverpool Quiz League Mimir heats will take place on Wednesday 15th February 2023.  This is a competition open to all members of the Liverpool Quiz League.  The winner will receive the Arthur Evans Trophy and will hold the title for a year. The winner of the Trophy last year was James MacGregor of Palmy Army. 

The Competition and what happens;
Four players play in each heat. Each heat consists of five rounds of three questions to each player.  Usually the winning two go on the next round, ending in a final of four players. The precise make-up of the heats all depends on how many players take part.  The top eight players are invited to go forward to Merseyside heats on 22nd March 2023 at New Brighton CC, Wirral.  Competition format can be found here.

Registration is not essential, however, if you can give us some indication of names by 8pm on Saturday 11th February 2023, it will be a great help planning and organising the heats and set up at the venue.  

Reading, Scoring and Timekeeping
Help with reading, scoring and bonus recording is always needed.  If you don’t want to take part in the competition, but are willing to help, please come along and support the event. Please email me and let me know if you are willing to help.

Venue:   Aigburth People's Hall, Aigburth Vale, Liverpool, L17 0DG. 
Time: Registration will take place from 7.30, followed by the draw
Preliminary Rounds       8.00
Final                            9.45

Contestants Wanted - New Quiz Show

‘Potato TV’, the TV Production company behind such hit shows as ‘The Chase’ and ‘Ninja Warrior UK’ are looking for FUN contestants to take part in a brand new BBC quiz show with thousands of pounds up for grabs!

They are keen to get a wide range of quiz enthusiasts to apply.

Link: https://eu.castitreach.com/ag/itv/quizshow/welcome.html

Closing Date: 10th March 2023 

You must be a UK resident and aged 18+ to apply. 

New Venue - Exiles

Exiles have changed their venue with immediate effect  - they are now playing at CTK Parish Club.

The address is:

Christ the King Parish Club

Score Lane



L16 6AW

Tel 0151 722 3110

Wirral Pairs Competition

The Wirral Pairs Competition will take place this year at Oxton Conservative Club on Sunday 25th September 2022 at 8pm. Our friends from the Liverpool Quiz League are welcome to join us.

The evening will also involve a meeting of the Wirral Quiz League and the League presentations.

Queen's Funeral - 19th September

It was decided at the MQL Council Meeting this evening that out of respect for Her Majesty the Queen all MQL matches planned to take place on 19th September 2022, the day of her State Funeral, should be postponed.

For Liverpool teams, the questions that have been sent out to you should be kept safe and used for the re-scheduled game, this game should be played on the return fixture 9th January 2023.

University Challenge

Jame MacGregor, our vice-chairman and member of the Palmy Amy team, recently captained The Open University on University Challenge.  You can watch his performance on iPlayer by clicking on the pictire below:


Open University

Season 2022/23

Fixtures for the new season have been added - you can see all fixtures on the fixtures page, or your own fixtures on your team's page.

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